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Creating satisfaction

For over ten years Machiper, in the sheet metal sector, has been pursuing an ambitious development plan to: "deliver greater Customer satisfaction supplying sheet metal manufacturing services to high-tech industries and constantly keeping pace with innovations".

Machiper sheet metal parts painting

This target has proved to be achievable by implementing a programme of expansion based on three cornerstones:

  1. internationalization of production and trade. The objectives of this are twofold: to offer logistic and financial benefits through consolidated core services and presence in emerging markets and to increase business opportunities;
  2. sectorization of supply for industrial sectors with higher business potential, creating a partnership with tailored expertise, services and solutions that support Customers in meeting their targets;
  3. differentiation from competitors by offering competitive advantages in mature markets. This is accomplished by pursuing excellence at all levels of the organization (S-Plus programme) and by increasing the extensive experience Machiper has been gaining since its foundation in 1972 through new expertise and certifications.
Sheet metal bending, welding and painting


"In business, certain factors are strategic for competitiveness on the world market: financial benefits, rapid time-to-market, access to specialised services with expertise and certified use of specialist processes.

Machiper offers all this and much more!"

Dario Mandarano C.E.O. Machiper

Dario Mandarano

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