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Machiper Group


Structure and partnerships

To guarantee its Clients the benefits deriving from its ambitious goals, Machiper aims to be the leader in every aspect of activity. That includes corporate organization and cooperation.

MACHIPER, group headquarters and manufacturing plant in Italy in the industrial district of Robassomero (TO)

Today Machiper is the holding company of a group of subsidiaries and it is positioned in an industrial district where it can count on well-established, strategic partnerships for Sheet Metal Manufacturing.

Group structure MACHIPER: subsidiaries (MACHIPER-OPREMA and Tec-Fi.Ve.), external collaborations and partnerships in the industrial district

Machiper Group is made up as follows: Machiper (Headquarter and production plant in Italy); Machiper-Oprema (production plant in Croatia); Tec-Fi.Ve. (painting plant in Italy); for a total of 7000 covered squared metres.

Strategic cooperation relates to some processes or parts of processes (as design or stamping) which enrich the offer with further services keeping the logistic benefits unchanged.

Plant and equipment

The equipment of the Group are located in establishments:

  • Machiper (Industrial district of Robassomero - TO - Italy)
  • Machiper-Oprema (Varezdin, Croatia)
  • Tec-Fi.Ve. (Industrial district of Robassomero - TO - Italy)

Spread out over three plants to cover a total of 7000 covered square metres, Machiper Group makes use of the following technology:

Machiper, automatic loading and unloading of metal sheets for laser cutting
  • Automated lines Trumpf Laser Cutting
  • Trumpf Automated Punching Machine
  • Trumpf Robotic Bending Machines
  • CNC Trumpf and Schiavi Folding Machines
  • Mechanical Presses
  • ABB Welding Robot
  • Robotic Painting Installation
  • Various machines for minor processing
Painting plant - Bending
  • Painting
  • Bending
Painting ovens - Painting line
  • Painting ovens
  • Painting line
Laser cutting machine and Punching machine in the production plant
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
  • Punching Machine
  • Bending
  • Bending
Robotic Bending Machine and Robotic Welding Machine
  • Robotic Bending Machine
  • Robotic Welding Machine


Group organization, strategic cooperation and infrastructure are key points of the development plan in progress

Machiper-Oprema, manufacturing plant in Varazdin, Croatia

MACHIPER-OPREMA - Manufactory plant in Varazdin, Croatia.

Tec-Fi.Ve. - painting plant located in the industrial district of Robassomero (TO), Italy

Tec-Fi.Ve. - Painting plant in Robasomero (TO), Italy.

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