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S-Plus excellence programme

Differentiation from competitors by giving the customer a competitive advantage through the pursuit of excellence at all levels of the organization.

Differentiation from competitors by the S-Plus excellence programme

+ Quality =

+ Services =

- Costs =

The success of S-Plus

As guests can see for themselves when visiting the plant, Clients benefit from the Machiper S-Plus programme thanks to the company's ability to organize work and to employ technological instruments and techniques to facilitate and speed up production.

Expanding MACHIPER thanks to the program S-Plus and Trend of revenue growth
  • MACHIPER Group – International expansion after S-Plus
  • MACHIPER Group – Sales volumes positive trend

This ability makes all the difference in the highly competitive field of sheet metal manufacturing. Machiper has in fact been chosen as a crucial partner by world-leading companies in several fields and in recent years it has succeeded in expanding in Europe, in confirming agreements with existing Clients and in increasing its turnover starting a positive and steady period of growth, despite the peak of the economic crisis and unfavourable market conditions.


Operating for over ten years, the S-Plus excellence programme consists of organizing processes, skills and technologies so as to offer "plus" benefits to Clients and better meet their needs

Example product created thanks to the excellence program S-Plus

Every day Clients profit from the S-Plus excellence programme, confirming its success

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