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Sectorization of supply

For Machiper's customers, benefitting from sectorization means being able to rely on a partnership with expertise and custom processes.

Sectorization of supply for railways, ATMs, lifts and electronic equipment

The sectorization pursued by Machiper in sheet metal fabrication (currently for strategic sectors: railways, ATMs, lifts and electronic equipment) consists in a process of company growth in which the implementation of technologies, refinement of processes, obtainment of certifications, acquisition of competences, training of personnel and supply chain development have been verticalized so as to raise given company components to a level of expertise for strategic sectors.

Thanks to this condition, today Machiper can offer a cooperation for sheet metal parts supplying which transcends standard services, making it an expert consultant, that is, a partner who helps customer managements achieve their business objectives.

Examples of products made ??with sectorisation of supply


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