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Zero metal parts rejects and focus on safety
and quality management system

Machiper can offer the "plus" benefits of a sheet metal parts manufacturer whose reject rate tends towards zero:

average reject = 800 ppm, that is just 0.08%!

Rejects tending to zero with 800 ppm and focus on safety and quality

To reach such a high quality level, Machiper has been constantly improving its quality management system. It operates in accordance with ISO:9002 and ISO:9001 specifications and uses SIX SIGMA techniques with BLACK BELT level certified personnel to optimize processes and to analyse every error variable during the process itself.

Checks are frequently carried out throughout each process so that only the correct items reach the next stage; uniformity of pieces is verified and the final quality is inspected.

Quality management is paramount to Machiper to maximise process efficiency and to guarantee Customer satisfaction.

For this reason it has developed a proprietary method that exceeds certification requirements thanks to computerized checks, staff training and production support. To the Client's advantage, it also improves personnel safety, production speed and final quality.

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